The Weekend Leader - DJB warns of water crisis in Delhi; SC, govt offices may face supply woes

DJB warns of water crisis in Delhi; SC, govt offices may face supply woes

New Delhi


Photo: IANS

Amid the scorching summer heat, the residents of Delhi may face water crisis, Delhi Jal Board (DJB) Vice Chairman Raghav Chadha warned on Saturday.

Chadha, the AAP MLA from Rajinder Nagar, accused the Haryana government of supplying 120 MGT less water to Delhi through Yamuna, which is resulting in a severe water crisis in the national capital.

"The Haryana government is taking away the legal right of the people of Delhi as directed by the Supreme Court. The three major water treatment plants in Delhi are producing less water per day because they (Haryana government) have reduced water supply in Yamuna," Chadha claimed.

A DJB official said that the Chandrawal treatment plant's production capacity has reduced to 55 MGD water from its earlier 90 MGD, whereas the Wazirabad treatment plant is producing 80 MGD compared to 135 MGD before. The Okhla water treatment plant is supplying 15 MGD water instead of its earlier quota of 20 MGD.

Chadha said the DJB has written a dozen letters to the Haryana government, but there has been no response so far from that side.

The AAP leader warned that water supply in parts of Central, West and South Delhi will also be affected. Water scarcity may also occur at the Supreme Court, High Court, Secretariat, and several major ministries and residences of Central ministers, Chadha claimed.

The DJB claimed that the highest water production capacity had increased by 945 MGD water per day, but now it is witnessing a decline of 100 MGD. The DJB needs around 1,100 MGD water per day to cater to the demand of Delhi during the peak of summer.-IANS

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