The Weekend Leader - Health Ministry joins ShareChat, Moj to spread Covid vax awareness

Health Ministry joins ShareChat, Moj to spread Covid vax awareness

New Delhi


Photo: IANS

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHWF) partnered with Indic language social media platform, ShareChat and short video app Moj to organise a webinar to spread awareness about Covid appropriate behaviour and the world's largest vaccination drive.

The webinar aimed to make influencers act as catalysts, and to educate and share reliable information with their community of followers. It was held on the occasion of World Social Media Day, celebrated on June 30 each year.

During the webinar, an actionable Toolkit was also shared, which listed out the steps that social influencers can take to encourage Covid appropriate behaviour and taking the vaccine. The webinar encouraged the social influencers to act as advocates to amplify and share accurate and credible information on Covid-19, counter vaccine hesitancy and misinformation.

"As influencers, you represent the youth of this country, and we need your support to make an impact in disseminating factual and evidence-based information to reach people far and wide and help the country to come out of Covid-19 successfully," Joint Secretary, Health, Lav Agarwal, said.

ShareChat and Moj's Chief Commercial Officer Ajit Varghese said: "We are excited to work with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and play a part in their effort to fight Covid-19. The event was a massive success with 400+ influencers attending the webinar. We now hope the influencers with their massive reach on the platforms, will put in their efforts to fight Covid by driving home the importance of safety measures, drop vaccine hesitancy and misinformation."

ShareChat, with over 160 million monthly active users in India, allows users to share their opinions, record their lives and make new friends - all within the comfort of their native language.

With the highest monthly active user base, Moj has emerged a market leader in the Indian short video space._IANS

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