Two arrested in Jamnagar GG Hospital sexual harassment case




The Jamnagar police of Gujarat on Tuesday arrested two male medical attendants for sexual harassment of females in state-run GG Hospital following an FIR that was lodged on Tuesday. The police will produce both of them in the court on Wednesday.

The Jamnagar B-division police station arrested two accused on Tuesday after filing a formal police complaint in sexual harassment of medical attendants, as one of the victims agreed to come forward.

According to police sources, L.B. Prajapati and Akbar Ali, both working as attendants, were allegedly involved in sexually harassing the victim. According to the FIR, the accused used to touch the women inappropriately and resort to physical and unwelcome advancement that included disrobing, passing sexually coloured comments, obscene gestures etc. The police have registered offences against both of them under IPC sections 354, 354A, 354B, 509 and 114.

"Based on the complaint lodged by one female medical attendant in the GG hospital, two names were disclosed. Following which, the B division police station has detained L.B. Prajapati and Akbar Ali within moments of the complaint. Now, we will be carrying out due procedure against the accused," said Mitesh Pandey, the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Jamnagar on Wednesday.

A female attendant last week had alleged that they were subjected to pressure by hospital management to have physical relationship with them in order to continue their services.

"We didn't get wages and we're being fired without any notice. The girls are pressured to maintain physical relationships with managers and should they deny they're shown the door," the female attendant had alleged in front of the media last week.

The hospital management however, denied having any such complaints reaching them.

Around one thousand attendants were assigned to treat individuals by giving them food, water and assist the nursing staff when needed. A majority of these attendants had been recruited post second wave of Covid-19 situation in March-April, but after coronavirus cases declined, the hospital management began relieving these medical helps.

Following the furore, the Gujarat CM had constituted a three member committee to investigate the alleged sexual harassment in GG hospital. The Gujarat CM last Wednesday and instructed the Jamnagar district collector and the health commissioner, Jaiprakash Shivhare for the formation of this Committee which comprises of the Assistant Collector, the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) and the Dean of the Dental College, Jamnagar.-IANS

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