The Weekend Leader - Ignoble Oscars go to Narayanamurthy, Amit Agarwal, Jeff Bezos

Ignoble Oscars go to Narayanamurthy, Amit Agarwal, Jeff Bezos

New Delhi


The crowning glory moment of the Asmbhav Summit was an evening marked by a high note of sarcasm and thought-provoking mirth.

The Asmbhav Awards, a not so honourable recognition, were bestowed on individuals who really swung the axe of destruction amidst the innocent lot of the small Indian retailer.

The winners really made the possible, well, impossible.

The awardees were decided after enough careful thought and deliberation and were chosen on the basis of their singular, single-handed prowess in laying waste the dreams, aspirations and lives of the humble Indian retailer and merchant who now have, thanks to these worthies, only their empty lives to lose.

The first Asmbhav Award, presented by Abhay Raj Mishra of PRAHAR was given to N.R. Narayanamurthy for the impossible feat of being a silent partner of Cloudtail as it continues to hammer the interests of small sellers and flout India laws with impunity.

The second Asmbhav Award was presented by Shriram Baxi of Federation of All India Distributors Associations (FAIDA) to Amit Agarwal, Country Head, Amazon India, for maintaining the improbable pretence of being a marketplace despite facing investigation on FDI law violation-a truly impossible feat.

The third and final, but by no means least, Asmbhav Award was presented by Dhairyashil Patil from All India Consumer Products Distributors Federation (AICPDF), to Jeff Bezos for aptly repeating the actions of the erstwhile East India Company by greedily assaulting India's wealth and attempting to impoverish it by being an impossible juggernaut that is determined to be the sole owner of Indian retail crushing all competition, including the smaller sellers and kirana stores. - IANS

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