Step into a Naturals salon and now get a dose of inspiration as well



School and college students apart from civil servants and entrepreneurs are readers of The Lead Star

The Weekend Leader’s quest to motivate people with inspiring stories of change makers and achievers continues unabated.

The Lead Star, an annual print magazine – which has the feel of a coffee table book with its glossy pages - launched in 2015 by the publishers of The Weekend Leader, has been touching new milestones every year. The magazine has been reaching colleges, schools, entrepreneurs, and civil servants.

The Lead Star magazine will be placed at 600+ Naturals outlets across the country 

In the most recent development, Naturals, one of India’s largest salon chains, has subscribed to the magazine in all its 600-plus outlets across India.

Talking about the collaboration, C K Kumaravel, co-founder, Naturals, said, “The Lead Star’s tag line ‘celebrating success, driving change’ sums up what the magazine stands for.

“I have profited by reading some of the bestselling self-development books written by leading authors such as Denis Waitley, Robert Schuller, Napolean Hill and Robert Kiyosaki. The Lead Star’s profiles of business leaders and achievers provide inspiration and motivation to the youth of this country.

“By placing the magazine in our outlets we want our customers to get a dose of inspiration and motivation as they avail our services.”

Publishers of The Weekend Leader and The Lead Star believe in encouraging the youth of this country to be job creators, instead of remaining job seekers.
C K Kumaravel, co-founder, Naturals

Kumaravel and his wife and co-founder Veena have repeatedly stated their aim to create many women entrepreneurs
“At Naturals, we believe in the financial independence of women and choose women to head our franchise business,” says Kumaravel.

“In the beginning most women are a bit hesitant. They would say, ‘I don’t know anything about business, I am just a woman, I am just a house wife’ and so on. But once we give them a framework and little support in the beginning, they learn quickly and produce outstanding results.

“We have empowered more than 450+ financially independent women entrepreneurs in the past 20 years. Our dream is to create a housewife-free India, where every woman is able to contribute to the financial kitty of their family by pursuing their passion.

“Financially independent women are a great fashion statement and that’s been our mission - which is, ‘together let us build a beautiful India’.” – TWL Bureau

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