The Weekend Leader - Tiruppur police bundle joy riders into ambulance with fake 'corona patient'   

Tiruppur police bundle joy riders into ambulance with fake 'corona patient'  



What if some youths who are roaming listlessly on the streets are bundled into an ambulance with a ‘coronavirus patient to teach them a lesson?

Well, this was the essence of a Covid-19 awareness video shot by the Tiruppur Police in Tamil Nadu, which was released on social media on Friday.

Their wailings and their attempts to escape were met with peals of laughter from the viewers of the video.

The police in Tiruppur were on lockdown implementation duty at a road junction and they had an ambulance parked on the roadside with a person dressed up as a coronavirus patient.

The police rounded up some youths who were on the road without any valid reason and forced them into the ambulance, saying they will have to undergo coronavirus test in Coimbatore along with the person who was already sitting inside the van.

The youths got terrified, but the police bundled them into the van despite their wailings and protests.

The person who was already inside the van wearing mask and protective attire asked the youths whether they wanted coronavirus and also started moving towards them.

The terrified youths tried to get out through the van window but the police pushed them back. After some time, the police opened the door of the van and the youths tumbled out in fear.

The police then explained to them that the person inside the van was a fake patient and the drama was enacted to teach them a lesson.

According to Tiruppur Police, the actors in the video were ambulance drivers and it was shot to create awareness among the public against roaming around in violation of the lockdown guidelines.-IANS

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