The Weekend Leader - Now ask Apple Siri about coronavirus updates in India

Now ask Apple Siri about coronavirus updates in India

New Delhi


A new Apple Siri feature providing audio news briefs with the latest COVID-19 information has now come to Indian users.

Apple last month updated its Siri voice assistant with information and assets designed to help users in the US who have flu symptoms and believe they are suffering from coronavirus.

The feature is now live in several countries, including India, according to the company.

The feature is triggered by queries like "Hey Siri, do I have the coronavirus?" and "Hey Siri, I think I have COVID-19."

Siri will ask users if they are exhibiting symptoms of the disease, such as fever, dry cough or shortness of breath.

It will advise people who say they have extreme or life-threatening symptoms to consider calling the local health services.

The users who answer "yes" to certain questions, specifically those referencing COVID-19 symptoms, are urged to isolate and closely monitor the situation, or contact a medical provider.

Just say "Play COVID-19 news" or "Play the Coronavirus news" and Siri will update you with the latest news.

The news briefs are available across all Apple devices and in India, the source is the BBC World Service. IANS

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