The Weekend Leader - Onion oil: For all your hair care needs

Onion oil: For all your hair care needs

PUJA GUPTA   |  New Delhi


While home-made oils are handy, they doesn't necessarily sort hair problems such as hair fall, thinning and dandruff.

An oil that does address all these issues in one potion is 'onion hair oil'. Our hectic lifestyles and consequently unhealthy eating habits along with pollution and stress become the main contributors to hair problems. Making quick lifestyle changes can be challenging but using a hair oil that helps nourish your hair is easy.

Onion hair oil helps nourish your hair strands to make them look healthy and lustrous. It helps enable growth, therefore improving thinning and adding volume to their hair. Massaging onion oil with consistent small circular motions into the scalp can boost blood circulation which in turn helps in strengthening the roots.

Shrey Jain and Dr. Vivek Mehta, co-founders of Corporation, underline the benefits of onion oil:

·Onion is highly nutritious, which helps in enabling hair growth

·It helps to add strength to weak hair strands especially caused due to pollution

·Due to its organic nature, onion hair oil nourishes the hair follicles to increase hair volume and improve strength

·Onion oil when massaged into the scalp by applying simple massage techniques enables good blood circulation that helps moisturise the scalp, reduces thinning and breakage

·Juice of onion also helps control dandruff and reveals sparkling stronger hair

·The potent antibacterial properties in onion hair oil help fight infections of the scalp. This reduces hair fall as scalp infections can cause massive loss of hair

·Onion is rich in naturally potent antioxidants, which is why it helps reverse the effects of premature greying.

·This magical vegetable lends a healthy shine to the hair, which can become permanent when used regular

·The rich in sulphur vegetable has so many advantages that it makes for the best daily use. Thanks to its infection-fighting capabilities it can also prevent lice infestation. IANS

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