The Weekend Leader - 1 out of 3 in urban India anxious due to virus

1 out of 3 in urban India anxious due to virus

New Delhi


One out of three persons in urban India are experiencing some bit of anxiety, due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a survey by Ipsos India.

The sixth wave of poll shows that while anxiety is palpable, global citizens are more concerned about the vulnerable and the weak. At least one in two fear for the weak and vulnerable and one in three are experiencing some bit of anxiety, due to the virus.

Interestingly, while India is amid a 21-day nationwide lockdown, anxiety apart, Indians are experiencing path breaking new positive experiences, amid the pandemic and lockdown.

74 per cent urban Indians are hoping to learn a new skill during COVID19, and 72 per cent urban Indians foresee themselves becoming closer to family and friends, due to COVID19.

"It has been tougher for the elderly and those with weaker immune systems to deal with the corona virus and that is bothering a sizable chunk of urban Indians," says Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India.

The government has taken stern measures in terms of a 21-day nationwide lockdown and with rigorous advisories on prevention across print, TV, radio and digital, for containing corona virus.

So, majority of the urban households are without the domestic help, due to emphasis on social distancing and are learning to navigate through household chores, including cooking, the survey said.

"Consequently, new skills stem from here and from the fact that due to being closeted at home 24X7, urban Indians are doing new things with so much time on their hands and to overcome boredom," said Adarkar.

"Coronavirus outbreak will bring families and friends closer, as they support one another in tiding over these tough times. Among Indians too we see a fair degree of concern for the vulnerable, at the cost of disregard for oneself, though anxiety is highly palpable," added Adarkar IANS

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