What happened in MP is murder of democracy: Gehlot



 Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday termed the political turmoil in neighbouring Madhya Pradesh as murder of democracy.

In a series of tweets, he said, "What has happened in #MadhyaPradesh, it is murder of democracy. Entire nation is watching, how shamelessly #HorseTrading is being done. In which direction they are taking the nation? They will definitely be taught a lesson by the people when the time comes."

"Attempts are being made to threaten, intimidate as worst kind of tactics are being used. Such brazen abuse of power has never been seen. Entire Congress party is united and we will together teach them a lesson," he said in a tweet.

"Their attempts to destabilize elected govts are because of their money power... They are not talking about any ideology. They want to grab power on basis of huge amount of money they have hoarded," said the Chief Minister.

"The biggest scam happening in the country is of electoral bonds," said Gehlot, adding "they have amassed huge amounts of money; people are being looted by creating fear of CBI, ED, IT inquiries. Corruption is at its peak. On this money power, they are plotting to destablise democratically elected govts," he said.

"The sooner the opportunists leave the party the better," he said in reference to Jyotiraditya Scindi's exit from Congress. "The party gave so much... he held various posts for 17-18 years, was made an MP, a Union Minister. Public would never forgive him," he said in a tweet. IANS