The Weekend Leader - Jammu & Kashmir constable rap video wows Twitter

Jammu & Kashmir constable rap video wows Twitter

New Delhi


A video of a Jammu & Kashmir constable is winning the internet with his rapping skills.

In the viral video, the policeman is rapping about his dreams, life, and more.

A Twitter user shared the video with the caption: "@[email protected] and a passionate #rapper."

"Log yahaan sapne dekhte phire neend mein, par mere sapne toh mere neend hi uda gaye...Mere kandho par ghar ki zimmidari par himmat na haari. Phir bhi maine rap rakha jaari...Uthaali zimmidaari toh banaa sipaahi," the constable can be heard singing in the shared video.

Another user shared a longer version of the rap by the constable with the caption, "This Jammu boy deserves to be famous."

As the post went viral, social media has been abuzz with reactions.

A user wrote, "You cant hide talent!! PhenomenalClapping hands sign keep it up!"

Another wrote, "Great but it must be...'Meri neend toh mere sapne udage'."

A post read, "Omg its really amazing."

"Wow awesome bhai...don't stop...its ur time keep it up good luck bhai," a user remarked.IANS

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