The Weekend Leader - Delhi HC issues advisory to avoid public gatherings

Delhi HC issues advisory to avoid public gatherings

New Delhi


Days after the Delhi government put out a public advisory to avoid gatherings, the Delhi High Court on Monday issued a circular asking people to stay away from public gatherings in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

The public advisory states: "Therefore advocates, general public and litigants are requested to adhere to the guidelines/advisory issued by the Govt of NCT of Delhi and avoid unnecessary overcrowding in the court premises."

The court's circular also requested the Delhi Bar Association to display the circular on the notice board of the Delhi High Court Bar Association as well as bring the contents thereof to the knowledge of their members.

The High Court's circular also requested the district judges and all the Delhi Court Bar Associations to upload the notice on their websites.

With three new cases confirmed on Monday in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala, the number of coronavirus cases climbed to 43 in India.

Four new cases of COVID-19 have been reported since Sunday. These include one from Ernakulam in Kerala, one from Delhi, one from Uttar Pradesh and one from Jammu. IANS

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