'Dr Mamata' shows how to fight coronavirus



West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday put on the garb of a doctor as she gave a live demonstration on how to maintain proper hygiene to keep the deadly coronovirus at bay and raise awareness among people.

Banerjee advised people to wash their hands frequently - if possible at hourly intervals - to prevent any chance of contracting the disease.

She then poured some hand sanitiser and showed people how they should properly wash both hands, arms, finger joints and insides of nails.

However, Banerjee was quick to point out that she was no expert.

"I have been advised about the process of handwash by experts. So I am sharing the same with you," she said.

Banerjee then demonstrated how one should keep the back of arms to cover the mouth or nose while sneezing and coughing so as to prevent spread of the disease.

"Also, you can cover your nose and mouth with tissue or handkerchief while sneezing or coughing," said the Chief Minister.

Banerjee, who read from a media briefing note, asked people not to panic and advised them to consult a doctor in case of fever, heavy sneezing and respiratory issues.

On being asked about the shortage of masks in the state, Banerjee replied: "Cover your mouth with cloth if you don't have masks. In fact, sarees are more handy than masks." IANS