The Weekend Leader - Herd of elephants walking in straight line impress Twitter

Herd of elephants walking in straight line impress Twitter

New Delhi


Video of a herd of elephants walking through the bushes in a straight line has gone viral on the social media and netizens could not stop adoring it.

The video was shared by an IFS officer Parveen Kaswan with the caption: "Show me a more disciplined family than this. Walking in a straight line. You just keep counting these elephants. Soothing & refreshing. Today evening."

"Many are asking the location. West Bengal it is. Original video was shot in landscape but somehow not able to post it here. In original, when shot the family was literally looking like a train" he mentioned in another post.

The post generated interest among the Netizens, who started praising the discipline and the leadership skills of the elephants.

A user wrote, "Everything about an elephant is soothing, calm, gentle! It is such a huge animal yet there is nothing threatening about it! Thanks for such lovely clips."

Another wrote, "Like the placement of baby elephants in the middle of the pack. Really beautiful formation."

A post read, "Just amazing! You are getting to live in a tranquil world!"

A user remarked, "Love elephants ! Have been watching all your shares and videos...Amazing" IANS

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