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How to select the best perfume for you

BY SIDDHI JAIN   |  New Delhi


Finding the best fragrance for you requires effort and research, but it can all be worth it when you find the right notes best suited to you.

"Fragrance is for everyone and cannot be defined by age as it is timeless. Few fragrance notes such as Floral, Aqua and Candy seem to work across age groups and never seem to date. Notes such as Oud and spice with vetiver have seen a comeback in the market.

"If you are a person that sticks to one fragrance for day and night, stick to Aqua note. If not, Floral for the day and Rich and Spicy note for the night works wonders," Umashan Naidoo - Head of Cosmetics and Customer, Westside told IANSlife.

As per Ajay Rawal, Marketing Head, Raymond Consumer Care Ltd., preference and likeability of fragrances is age agnostic.

Although likeability of a fragrance depends on the mood and differs from person to person, experts and brands often find youngsters preferring fresh citrusy or aquatic top notes with a subtle fresh green and base woody, while people in their middle age prefer subtle floral spicy and strong base musky woody.

Their top tips to find the best fragrance for you:

With so much to choose from, always go with the first instinct. When one sprays a fragrance the first note often grabs the attention - and that first bite called the top note is often the first impression.

Consumers usually try different kinds of fragrances and usually go with the first whiff which is the top note of the fragrance and then they don't like the middle and bottom notes. Consumers should wait for some time to know the middle and base note of the fragrance.

Leave the fragrance on your skin for about 2-5 minutes and allow it to settle. Notes change with your PH and no two people would ever smell the same with the same fragrance.

A successful fragrance is when people compliment you on the smell as well as the smell makes you happy every time you spray on the fragrance.

The fragrances you like, spray them on your pulse point and come back to purchase it after some time to check the longevity of the fragrance

Do not get influenced by the promoter or the brand. Look for the fragrance you like.

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