The Weekend Leader - Azam Khan surrenders with wife and son in Rampur court

Azam Khan surrenders with wife and son in Rampur court



Samajwadi Party MP Mohd Azam Khan, his wife Tanzeen Fatima and son Abdullah Azam surrendered in the district court on Wednesday. The family was taken into custody.

The Khan family had been ignoring summons by the courts in various cases lodged against them after which warrants had been issued against them.

A local MP-MLA court in Rampur, on Tuesday, had ordered attachments of the properties of Mohd Azam Khan, Tanzeen Fatima and Abdullah Azam after non-bailable warrants were issued against them in one of the cases and they still refused to appear in court.

The Samajwadi leader had made several attempts to get anticipatory bail but the same was denied by the court.

Trouble for Azam Khan began in July last year and more than 4 cases were lodged against him and his family.

He was booked for land grabbing, encroachment, book theft, power theft, statue theft, buffalo theft, goat theft while his son Abdullah Azam was booked for forgery in birth date documents. He even lost his membership of the state assembly after he was found guilty of forgery.-IANS

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