The Weekend Leader - Twitterati hail resort charging customers for food wastage

Twitterati hail resort charging customers for food wastage



 In an attempt to reduce food wastage, a restaurant in Karnataka, will now charge its guests for food wastage and netizens hail the decision.

Indian businessman Harsh Goenka shared the post with the caption, "At Ibnii Resort in Coorg, food wasted by guests is weighed and billed to the guests at Rs 100 per 10 gm. The proceeds go to an NGO that feeds children at an orphanage."

He further added that the initiative worked effectively and wrote, "Good news is that none of the guests are unhappy about this rule and waste bins have come down from 14 to 1."

As per this newly-initiated step, the leftover food of each guest is weighed at the end of a meal and this is added up by the final day of their stay to calculate the total weight of food wasted.

Leftovers are then charged at the rate of Rs 100 per 10 gm and the money collected from guests goes to a not-for-profit organisation that feeds children at an orphanage.

The newly-initiated step by the restaurant impressed netizens and Twitterati flooded the social media with their reactions.

A user wrote, "Great Idea! This should be made mandatory in all restaurants."

Another wrote, "We take the leftover packet home Thinking face?! Even that should be charged extra. Orphans need not eat your leftovers. Make sure that proceeds go to intended organisation and not into restaurant tills."

A post read, "Great! Need to implement this in every restaurant where there is a buffet."

"Excellent initiative by this resort! Thumbs up, Clapping hands sign. Every other resort, restaurant and hotel should follow this!" -IANS

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