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 Wood flooring has been a classic choice over the decades, and it seems to stay here for good. It is never out of style, due to the character and warmth it brings to the floors. In spite of numerous options available in the market, wood flooring seems to hold a dominant place when it comes to a vintage look.

Over the years, wood flooring has evolved and there seems to be almost no drawbacks to it. A good example is the engineered wood flooring that has gained popularity in a preferred option when it comes to wood. Engineered wood has a plethora of ranges, making it almost a challenge to pick the best due to multiple options.

It comes with great features and is durable and fit for residential as well as commercial spaces.

If you're looking to install wood flooring or are contemplating the option, here's a quick guide to keep you up-dated on the trends for wood flooring for 2020, shared by Aashish Poojari, Director, Havwoods India.

International Wood Flooring Trends 2020!

Colour: The shift light shades from 2019 to even lighter shades for the coming year. More towards, white-washed and beachy feels. Some colours that will be trending are Blondes, Whitewashed, Honey, Gray, Greige (combination of grey and beige) and High Variation. Like last year, apart from hand-scraped and wire brushed, you will see more distressed wood flooring. No more shiny wood flooring, people will continue to opt for more sophisticated flat finishes like satin and matte along with the traditional oil finishes.

Not much different from 2019, customers will continue to experiment with patterns and a few noteworthy ones are Herringbone - This is a hot choice for young homeowners, Diagonal / Angled wood floors - Gives a modern and chic look, Wide plank floors - A popular choice for small spaces, as wide planks make the room look larger and Mixed -width floors.

Wood flooring types trending for 2020

People have started making informed decisions with regards to wood flooring choices. They prefer sustainable and certified wood floorings and have started becoming aware of where the wood has been sourced from. Wood types that will be trending are Reclaimed wood - A rustic and vintage look is achieved through this kind, Bamboo, Cork - one of the oldest options and Engineered wood; the closest option to natural wood. In short, wider planks, eco-conscious wood, light shades and variety of textures will be trending for 2020. White oak and Grays will still be a popular option even this year.

India Wood Flooring Trends 2020

India has seen a rise in wood flooring products due to lifestyle changes and preferences. The rising urban segment has shown considerable demand for wood flooring recently.

Indians typically pick out teak in species and brown in colour. We see a new liking for grey shades and an increasing interest in Herringbone and chevron patterns emerging but predominantly India buys Browns. The younger generation will opt for wood flooring as it is environmentally responsible. Also, Vaastu states that wood helps in calming the temperament within spaces -IANS

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