Australian police probe terror links for knife-wielding man




Australian police on Monday continued to investigate whether a knife-wielding man, who was shot dead authorities in Brisbane the previous day, had any links to terror groups.

On Sunday morning, the man was reported to have punched a 26-year-old male victim in an unprovoked attack before stabbing him in the back as he attempted to flee, reports Xinhua news agency.

Although investigators said they were not treating the incident as a terror attack as yet, it was revealed by authorities that the 25-year-old suspect was listed on a terror watch list.

"All the information to us at the moment was that this person was acting alone, came into the city alone, did those actions alone -- but we just don't take anything for granted," Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming from the Queensland State Police told reporters.

"We don't know the motivation for this attack today but obviously we treat it very seriously."

With officers who arrived on scene facing a "life or death situation", Fleming said police were forced to use lethal force.

"It will be alleged the male person has confronted police armed with a knife, and police have discharged their firearms. They have attempted to provide assistance to that man, but he has subsequently died," Fleming said -IANS

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