The Weekend Leader - Elephant climbs narrow stairs, Twitterati amazed

Elephant climbs narrow stairs, Twitterati amazed

New Delhi


A video of an elephant climbing narrow stairs has gone viral on the social media.

The video was uploaded on Twitter by an Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Praveen Kaswan with the caption: "This #elephant using a staircase. What other option he has. The last look will tell you many things!!"

In a follow-up tweet, he further said: "You see how good he has used that narrow stairs to climb the elevation. Elephants use resources in the best manner. They learn fast, like how to deal with power fencing, blockades, such infra etc. Just to survive."

The video shows a fully-grown elephant climbing a couple of narrow stairs to reach an elevated road. After he reaches the top, he takes a moment and looks back.

The video has garnered over 2.4K likes and has been viewed over 33.2K times.

Social media users were amazed by the elephant's viral video and his intelligence.

A user wrote: "Good to see that even these animals are so disciplined. Pity the humankind."

Another wrote: "Lastly it turned back and saw - ohh i did it!!... That's cute."

A post read: "Elephant be like - Look you have destroyed our earlier home, now you have destroyed humanity too."

"They are so aware and try to keep out of our way but we will encroach upon their lives and kill them for Ivory. It's an unbalanced equation," a user remarked. - IANS

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