The Weekend Leader - Tarek Fatah gets it wrong again, Twitter explodes

Tarek Fatah gets it wrong again, Twitter explodes

New Delhi


Tarek Fatah is an active Twitter user with over 6 lakh followers, but on numerous occasions, the Pakistani-Canadian writer has been found circulating misinformation.

Recently Fateh posted a video on Twitter with the caption, "Girl Power!"

As the post went viral, Twitterati took to the social media and corrected him that it was a boy whose name is Arat Hosseini.

Arat Hosseini is a 5-year-old Iranian boy who has been a sensation on the Internet with his skills at playing football. With his long hair he has made it impossible to identify his gender. But Arat has been in news on social media for long for the dedicated followers to know that he is a boy who has been famous for a physical training regime not particularly for his age.

Taking to Twitter, Netizens slammed the Pakistani-Canadian writer.

A user wrote: "He is a boy Tarek. The name's Arat."

Another wrote, "This is a boy, Anamed Arat Hosseini, born in Banol north of Iran in 2013. Double check your posts."

A post read, "Tarek sir its a boy from Iran."

A user remarked, "No offense to you or girl power, but that is an Israeli boy, named Arat. (He just has long hair)."

He earlier got a video of Muslims shouting communal slogans in Delhi. Again when he tweeted Muslims waved Pakistani flags to celebrate Congress' victory in Rajasthan assembly polls, he got it wrong.

Fatah is known for his anti-Islam views.-IANS

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