The Weekend Leader - I am not defined by my job: Sara Ali Khan

I am not defined by my job: Sara Ali Khan

ADITI ROY¬†   |  New Delhi


Sara Ali Khan was seen in the Capital recently walking the runway for designers Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla, at the 15th edition of the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour. In a candid chat with IANSlife, she shares her love for cinema, aesthetics and a work-life balance.


How do you feel about your association with the 15th edition of the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour?

Sara: I think I am very lucky. It is a big, great and grand event. I am privileged to be able to walk the ramp for people that I trust so much personally, professionally and otherwise.

Q: What is the one thing you're really proud of?

Sara: I am proud of having a sense of self-explanatory films, and yet being very strong. I love my job, and I like the fact that I am not defined by it. But that doesn't take away my love or obsession from it.

Q: You have had a series of hit films in your kitty, how do you feel?

Sara: I am privileged, humbled, excited, motovated.

Q: Is it maximalism over minimalism for you?

Sara: Minimalistic is best. I think they one can standout being who you are. And that's what it should always be about.

Q: Your mum (Amrita Singh) is close to the designer duo Abu Jani- Sandeep Khosla, how does it feel to be their showstopper?

Sara: It is amazing to walk the ramp for them. I don't think I would walk the runway for anybody else. They are family and the best in the business.

Q: How do you feel about the style and aesthetics of the designer duo?

Sara: It is outstanding. I think the way both of them put together the "avant garde" and the "vintage" is so organic and so true to who they are. It is very exciting for me to walk the runway for them.

Q: Too much paparazzi or too little... what is your preference? How does someone strike a balance?

Sara: It does not matter what my preferences are. I cannot change it. So, the way to strike a balance is to know that it is a part of your job. And don't let great reviews make you fly too high, also don't let bad review let you down. You can't change what it's gonna be, so why even ask?-IANSlife

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