The Weekend Leader - World Pangolin Day: Let them live, let them be

World Pangolin Day: Let them live, let them be

New Delhi


As one of the most trafficked wild animals in the world, pangolin is now becoming the project for the conservationists. The UN observes the World Pangolin Day every year this day. The day is marked to raise awareness about this unique mammal.

To raise awareness about the threatened animal, a series of posts was shared by an Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan with the caption: "Do you know #Pangolins are the most trafficked mammal on the planet. Unharmful & shy but still millions are hunted & trafficked across Asia & Africa. All eight species of them are under threat for their use in medicine. It is #WorldPangolinDay for raising awareness."

"Last year Singapore seized 8.8 tonnes of #elephant #ivory & 11.9 tonnes of #pangolin scales in 3 containers en route from DR Congo to Vietnam. For which 33,000 pangolins were killed. This is only one such seizure. There is a huge market & harmless creature hunted to extinction" he added.

He also remarked: "They are Anteaters & important part of ecosystem. Indian pangolin is found across India & now endangered. Everywhere they are on their last leg. Scales are used in traditional medicines mistakenly for ailments & reducing impotency. Huge market in China & SE Asia."

As the post went viral, Twitterati fell in love with this adorable mammal and urged people across the world to join together in raising awareness about this animal and its plight.

A user wrote, "Such a wonderful, unique creature is the Pangolin. Humans Do Not need their body parts or scales for anything. Let them be, let them live free."

Another wrote, "Pangolins are just the coolest little buddies I have ever seen next to the armadillos. Amazing little creatures and they deserve to be protected by us. They're just so neat."

A post read, "I think we need a lot of awareness about this cute animal. We must save them at war footing as we did for tigers."

"So worrying to know how human greed and ignorance is creating such havoc to our nature and environment," a user remarked. - IANS

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