The Weekend Leader - Delhi airport celebrates Valentine's Day in style

Delhi airport celebrates Valentine's Day in style

New Delhi


As people are celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday by sending messages of love and affection to their loved ones and Delhi Airport too joined the celebration.

The Delhi International Airport took to Twitter to have a mushy and 'punny' tweets for Indigo, Air India, Spicejet, Vistara Airlines and even Delhi Duty Free in the spirit of Valentine's Day.

It started with IndiGo after the official account of Delhi International Airport took to the social media site to tweet a love-filled post for IndiGo and wrote, "Hey @IndiGo6E, promise me you'll never run away from my runway! #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020"

To which IndiGo replied, "@delhiairport Oh darling, your love brings me back on-time, every time! #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020 #LetsIndiGo"

This was not it, as the two official accounts teased each others by sharing their future plans together as Delhi Airport tweeted, "My love, @IndiGo6e, we have so many future planes together! #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020."

To this Indigo replied: @delhiairport Whenever you say that "kuch kuch hota hai" #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020 #LetsIndiGo."

This continued with a few more replies after which the Delhi Airport moved to wish Air India on Valentine's Day.

Delhi Airport wrote, "Hey @airindiain, you'll always be my love at first flight! #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020."

In reply Air India tweeted, "@delhiairport...It feels great to have a special place in your hub. #ValentinesDay2020 #DELlovesYou"

To which Delhi Airport wrote, "I love how you are so plane and simple. #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020"

They also shared sweet messages with Delhi duty free, Spice jet and Vistara.

In a cheesy conversations with Vistara, the Delhi Airport wrote, "Hey @airvistara, its valentines day, want to continue flying higher with us? #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020."

To which Vistara replied, "@DelhiAirport, cheesy but landed well, just like all our aircraft thanks to you #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020."

The Delhi Airport responded, "Why thank you, we get this new feeling with you and it never gets old, runway with me? #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020"

Moving to Spicejet, Delhi Airport shared a cute message for the airline and wrote, "Hey @flyspicejet, love how you turn my hub red, hot and spicy! #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020."

To which Spicejet replied, "You're always in our Dil, [email protected]"

After which the Delhi Airport responded, "Keep it spicy! #DELlovesYou."

To Delhi Duty Free, Delhi Airport shared this mushy message and tweeted, "@DelhiDutyFree...Love the way how everyone mingles with you so well, while they shop smiles and collect happiness. #DELlovesYou #ValentinesDay2020"

Delhi Duty Free then acknowledged the love from the Delhi Airport and wrote, "@DelhiAirport...If love is in the Air, it has to be you."

To which Delhi Airport replied, "Your words smell so good. We promise you to always enjoy the (retail) space that you are in."

The conversations grabbed the attention of social media users and Twitterati have flooded the social media with their reactions.

A user wrote, "Awww! Love birds...Keep flying high in love and make us fly high too."

A post read, "@DelhiAirport you just broke the Old Lady's heart by showing love to @IndiGo6E."

A user remarked, "Who says that the love is in the air, it is on the Runway as well. keep this love #Forever" - IANS

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