The Weekend Leader - Chinese medics take care of kids as parents quarantined   

Chinese medics take care of kids as parents quarantined  

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A heart-warming video is doing the rounds on social media, which shows two medics take turns to look after the children as their parents are in quarantine.

The video is shared by one of the leading media outlets of China with the caption: "#HeartwarmingMoments: Two medics take turns to take care of the children of a family while their parents are in quarantine. #COVID19."

In the viral video, medical staff can be seen taking care of the children whose parents were in quarantine. The medics have been in the national spotlight with their sacrifices and heroism in the ongoing battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak.

As the post went viral, social media has been abuzz with reactions.

A user wrote, "What brilliant modes of caring during hard time! We all with you China!"

Another wrote, "That's all not easy to handle for China -- be strong and healthy! Greetings from Hamburg."

A post read, "I believe in the medical personnel of our country, because they are the warm-blooded soldiers on the battlefield now."

A post remarked, "The medical staff are the true heroes in China now... Thank you so much for the work and dedication..."

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