The Weekend Leader - Bizzare: Alcohol flows out of taps in Kerala

Bizzare: Alcohol flows out of taps in Kerala

New Delhi


Twitterati added mirth and sarcasm to reports that said the residents in a Kerala building recently got a "boozy surprise" as the liquor flowed from taps in their building.

According to media reports, it all began six years ago when a bar named 'Rachana', located near the building, was charged with unlawfully storing 6,000 litres of liquor.

The alcohol, which officials had placed in a pit after it was seized on court orders, had seeped through the soil and into a well which supplied the residents of the flats in Thrissur district with drinking water.

As the news surfaced on the Internet, thus, leading to some hilarious jokes, memes and sarcasm on Twitter.

A user wrote, "Aah, so that's why they call it "God's Own Country."

Another wrote, "This is horrible. It is astounding that with all our technological advances, so many people live with contaminated drinking sources."

A post read, "Whoosh.. with this we can be the richest country in the world."

"Oh good, it's a white wine this time. Red gives me headaches" read another post.

A Tweeple remarked, "And I was busy looking for peanut M&M's..."-IANS

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