The Weekend Leader - Amul Coronavirus doodle divide Twitterati

Amul Coronavirus doodle divide Twitterati

New Delhi


A recent doodle of the Indian dairy brand Amul has triggered a debate on social media for attempting to commercialise the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus.

The company posted the doodle on its official Twitter handle @Amul_Coop with the caption "#Amul Topical: Coronavirus outbreak - Indians evacuated from China!"

The cartoon titled 'Wuhan Se Yahaan Le Aaye' indicated the recent evacuation of Indian nationals from the virus-hit city through two Air India flights.

As the post went viral, Twitterati have flooded the social media with their reactions. Many did agree that it was "in bad taste", some called it creativity on Amul's part.

A user wrote, "Wow u guys nailed it well our people are safe and sound and having Amul back in their life. Not the Chinese butter at least."

Another wrote, "Amul...decades old fan here. Don't you think it'd have been better off to not evacuate the med students etc from China? Pak didn't. China is more adept at handling it than India. They were living there, surely they'd have been able to manage on their own till the outbreak subsided."

A post read, "Awesome advertisement! Hats off to this creativity!"

"Hats off to @airindiain for bringing our people wuhan se yahan! @Amul_Coop as usual at your best" read one post.

A Tweeple remarked, "Amul is great and respectable company in India, thousands of people are suffering Aand you are making jokes it's very shameful."-IANS

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