The Weekend Leader - Afghan hotel cancels Pakistan's Kashmir Solidarity Day event

Afghan hotel cancels Pakistan's Kashmir Solidarity Day event



In a setback for Pakistan, Islamabad was prevented from observing Kashmir Solidarity Day at a hotel in Kabul, the Pakistan embassy in Afghanistan's capital said.

The Pakistan embassy had booked a hall at Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul to observe Kashmir Solidarity Day. However, the booking was cancelled, the Daily Times quoted a Pakistan embassy official as saying on Tuesday.

The official claimed that the Afghan government had directed the hotel management to cancel the reservation for the hall.

Kashmir Solidarity Day, a national holiday in Pakistan, is observed across the neighbouring country on February 5 to express their support for separatists in India's Jammu and Kashmir.

"We had invited Kabul-based ambassadors from the OIC countries, Afghan political leaders, parliamentarians and media persons," the official said.

The Afghanistan leadership has been critical of Islamabad's support to terror organisations active in Jammu and Kashmir.IANS 

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