The Weekend Leader - 3 girls heckle prolific tweeter Mahesh Hegde at airport

3 girls heckle prolific tweeter Mahesh Hegde at airport



Three random girls heckled prolific tweeter Mahesh Ganesh Hegde at the Mangluru airport to sing the national song Vande Mataram.

Kavita Reddy, Amulya Leona and Najma Nazeer caught up with Hedge at the airport on Friday.

"Please, please. We want you to sing for the country, let's sing Vande Mataram," said the unidentified woman between Reddy and Leona as Nazeer sat to Hegde's right in the airport, wearing a burqa and red scarf.

"Vikram, this is cinema opportunity. The best opportunity," said the girl, continuing in Kannada.

The girls promised Hedge that they will join him in singing Vande Mataram with him.

Later in the video, another girl sat beside Nazeer wearing a backpack in a short hairdo.

"This is for you. It's your time now, come on," said the girl.

As Hedge sat uncomfortably, the girl started pleading him to please sing the national anthem.

"Do you remember what time Godse killed Gandhi? Do you remember? Come on sing Vikram. You have been torturing us on Facebook all the while now," said the lady referring to his posts.

Hegde did not utter a word but was uncomfortable with the girls asking him to sing, moving as he sat.

Akash Banerjee, a satirist, tweeted, "After Amish, Sudhair, Deepak it's the turn of Arnab of the South and star fake news peddler Mahesh Hedge of Post Card to face humiliation. Too ashamed to sing Vande Mataram?"

Banerjee said he was proud of Reddy, Leona and Nazeer.

Another tweeter, Maya @Sharanyashetty said in support of Hegde, "The liberals have unleashed another pathetic discourse. Mahesh Vikram Hegde heckled at airport by three women, Kavita Reddy, Amulya Leona, Najma Nazeer. Will the supporters continue to be appreciative about this when the tables turn."

Meanwhile, Mangluru police commissioner T.S. Harsha has no idea of the event happening in the airport. He requested IANS to call later for info.

Mangluru airport director V.V. Rao did not answer the call.

Hedge actively shares information, pictures and articles on social media in support of the parties he is affiliated to.IANS 

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