Kolkata girl escapes death by a whisker



A Kolkata teenager had a miraculous escape when after remaining hanging by her toe in the air for some 50 minutes, she was finally rescued.

The 18-year-old was busy on her phone on Thursday afternoon, when she slipped and fell over the parapet. Luckily for her, her leg got stuck between the balcony grilles and she was saved from a precipitous fall.

She was finally rescued by her family and a good samaritan, who heard her frantic calls for help.

The victim Richa Gupta escaped with minor scratches and cuts and returned home after being administered first aid at a hospital.

The incident took place when Gupta was taking a leisurely walk on the terrace of her residential complex while using her mobile phone, police said.

The girl later told the police that she suddenly felt her head spinning and momentarily fainted, tumbling off the terrace.

Luckily, her left leg got stuck between the grilles of the balcony -- a floor below the terrace -- saving her from a free fall, but leaving her hanging.

As she screamed in panic, it alerted a plumber, Balaram Karmakar, who works in the residential complex.

Karmakar rushed upstairs to her flat and found her family members and neighbours clutching on to her, and trying to fasten her legs to the grilles with whatever they could lay their hands on.

Karmakar and his father Babu -- also a plumber -- swung into action. They dangled a rope from the terrace and Balaram mounted on the sunshade above the balcony and tied it to the girl.

Meanwhile, the residents had also joined the rescue operation as they went to the ground and formed a big cushion with bed sheets, bed covers, mattresses and blankets to catch the teenager if by chance the rope gave way.

Police and fire brigade personnel also reached the spot soon and secured Gupta to the grille using safety harnesses.

About 50 tense minutes passed. Finally Babu managed to make a gap by cutting a small portion of the grille while being extremely careful to ensure the girl was not harmed in any way.

The neighbours then pulled Gupta to safety through the gap.

She was taken to the local hospital on a chair. Tests were conducted, but the doctor on examination found only some scratches and bruises.IANS