The Weekend Leader - Mumbai mounted police unit's uniform triggers debate

Mumbai mounted police unit's uniform triggers debate

New Delhi


Mumbai Police are bringing back their mounted police unit after 88 years and the unit's new uniform has sparked a debate on social media.

It all started after Mumbai Police released a 63-second clip on Twitter along with photos of policemen wearing the new uniform with the caption, "Regal in stature, Formidable in form, the 'Mounted Police Unit' returns to Mumbai Police. Thank you @ManishMalhotra for designing such an elegant uniform for our Riders. Our Mounted Unit is sure to make a strong impact during law and order situations."

The tweet has gone viral, leading to some hilarious jokes, memes and sarcasm on Twitter. The new dress code also triggered a debate between the Twitterati.

A user wrote, "I think you should invest in buying more motorcycles. You can buy 4-5 motorcycles in the cost of a single horse. Lesser maintenance, more life and more effective in emergency situations."

Another user wrote, "What's with that heavy stupidly designed uniform in a humid city like Mumbai? What was Manish Malhotra thinking, he's designing for a film? Idiotic."

"This is fantastic!! Just ensure that especially during summers the horses are taken care off," read one post.

"Can someone please explain the need to bring in policemen on horseback to maintain law and order in the streets of Mumbai? Shouldn't we instead be arming our current force with better training, weapons and surveillance technology (best in the world) to help them do their jobs better," asked one user.

A Tweeple remarked, "Honestly, a uniform must strike fear in the law breakers. This one doesn't seem to do justice to the Uniform."IANS 

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