The Weekend Leader - Madhya Pradesh ratifies 126th amendment

Madhya Pradesh ratifies 126th amendment



The Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly on Friday unanimously passed a resolution ratifying the 126th Amendment Bill of the Constitution. The amendment provides for extension of reservation system for Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) for the next ten years.

However, in the resolution, the government added a suggestion that the provision to nominate Anglo Indians in the Assembly should be retained. The opposition objected to this and said that the state does not have such authority in the resolution regarding ratification of the constitution amendment. Whereas, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Govind Singh said that Anglo Indians are also backward. After the resolution was passed, the Assembly was adjourned sine die.

Former Speaker Seethasaran Sharma said the government's intention wasn't clear as it has added a rider the resolution. Such provision cannot be made in the Constitution Amendment Bill.

Sharma said even after 70 years we have been repeatedly extending the provision for reservations. Whereas Japan has progressed in 35 years we have not been able to bring scheduled castes and scheduled tribes on par. There is something wrong with the system.

Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that this is an amendment which was unanimously passed by both houses of Parliament. He said that when the framers of the Constitution made this provision for ten years, they thought that they would be saved in this period, but from 70 years we all continue to extend the provision. IANS 

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