The Weekend Leader - People are happy with BJP MPs, councillors

People are happy with BJP MPs, councillors

New Delhi


The people are happy with the conduct of the Members of Parliament and the local councillors in the MCD. They are also happy with the Mayor, but slightly unhappy with the municipality.

As per the IANS-C Voter survey, 50.8 per cent population in Delhi is happy with the MPs and in the National Capital all the MPs are from the BJP. While 38.7 percent people want to change their MP and 10.5 per cent of people are undecided on the issue.

The happiness index with the local councillor and the MPs can be a boon for the BJP ahead of the Delhi Assembly elections as the party is pitted against the ruling AAP. The party has no anti-incumbency issue on the MCD front and the local MPs.

While 44 per cent respondents don't want to change the Mayor, 36.7 per cent of them want the Mayor changed. As many as 19.4 per cent are undecided on the issue.

But there is a contrast -- people are satisfied with the work of the Mayor, but want to change the Municipality ,the percentage of naysayer is only 1 percent ahead of the popularity as 46.9 per cent of respondents want MCD to be changed, but 45.8 per cent do not want to change it, while 7.3 per cent are undecided on the role of MCD.

The people are also satisfied with the working of the corporator and it seems Delhites are more or less not angry with the local councillor.

When asked if they want to change the local councillor, only 36.4 per cent said yes and 46.1 per cent said no. As many as 17.2 per cent are undecided on the issue of local councillors.

The MCD is controlled by BJP and AAP and Congress is in opposition in Delhi.IANS 

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