UK's 'loneliest' rescue dog finally finds a home



Doris, known as the UK's loneliest rescue dog, has marked 2020 with a forever home, after being returned to the same rescue centre four times in the last six
years, a media report said on Tuesday.

Doris, 13, desperately needed a new family after her most recent owner, who she spent four years with, was detected with cancer and could no longer care for her, the report said.

This was the latest incident in a string of bad luck for Doris, who was first abandoned at Freshfields Rescue Centre in Liverpool back in December 2013.

She was returned to the shelter twice more, once when a family couldn't look after and another time when an owner died.

Staff launched an appeal to find the dog a home and were successful matching up Doris with a Liverpool based dog-lover who has plenty of experience looking after rescue pups.IANS