Two Bulgarians arrested for trying to rig Goa ATM



 Two Bulgarians were arrested on Sunday for trying to steal customer data by attaching a skimmer to an ATM of a nationalised bank in Mapusa town, North Goa, a police spokesperson said.

According to a FIR filed at the Mapusa police station, the two accused Ivo Metchenov and Milne Davranski were arrested, while attaching a skimmer to an ATM operated by Bank of India.

A skimmer is a gadget attached to an ATM card slot, which gleans private user information, once a card is slipped into the slot. The stolen information, which includes card details, is then used to withdraw money remotely.

Both the accused have been booked under section 380 (theft) of the Indian Penal Code, the police spokesperson said.IANS