Where's Boris Johnson? Twitterati have some fun



British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was the butt of the Twitterati's jokes, as they posted funny comments and memes on his whereabouts. It all started when a Twitter user posted a sketch showing a crowded beach and Boris wearing a Christmas cap peeping from the side: "Wheeeeere's Boris? #wheresBoris."

It got 535 retweets and 1.5K likes.

Boris Johnson has faced criticism for not cutting short his luxury holiday in the Caribbean with his girlfriend Carrie Symonds in wake of the crisis in the Middle East following an Iranian General's killing by US forces.

One user commented: "Boris would never be found on a beach with so many people; Boris would never be on a beach with so many people."

One post read: "Stop pissing on my humour bonfire."
One user remarked: "Cooling off in a fridge! #NeverTrustATory #NotMyPrimeMinister."

One user sought to complete the name: "His name is Johnson."
"In the fridge,' said one Twitter user.

"Not there. He has a private beach he can't hang out with voters/real workers!!" posted one user.

"Oh this is brilliant!" remarked a user.

One post read: "Not on a public beach."

"It's probably safer to keep Boris out of the way," opined a Twitterati.

"Under a pole dancer?" was a tongue-in-cheek response.IANS