The Weekend Leader - This nondescript district has found its new hero

This nondescript district has found its new hero

Gonda (Uttar Pradesh)


 Gonda -- a nondescript district in eastern Uttar Pradesh -- has finally found its new hero.

The Wazirganj block in Gonda district stands out because of its prosperity.

The mud houses have turned into cemented dwellings, children go to school neatly dressed and almost every house owns a two-wheeler or four-wheeler.

It is only because of software engineer Dipen Sinha that the lives of many have been transformed here. Dipen belongs to Naubasta area in Wazirganj and heads a software company in New Jersey in the US.

He has helped one person from every family to get employment on the foreign soil.

The people from Wazirganj are now working in different countries, including Colombo, Singapore, Indonesia and Dubai.

Their families in Wazirganj now count their savings in dinars, yen, riyal and dollars.

Mohammad Wasim of Jagdishpur Katra village is running a restaurant in Damascus, and three brothers from Bhagohar village are running a hair cutting salon in Saudi Arabia.

Their children in Wazirganj are going in for higher education in premium institutions.

Naresh Kushwaha, a local resident, said that more than 200 people from here are working aboard and the money they send to their families, has improved the lifestyle.

"Some of the families that get money from abroad, have even set up small businesses here ensuring employment for others," said Kushwaha.

Pankaj Dubey, who is a manager in one such business here, said: "Dipen Sinha is a role model, a hero for the people here. He has helped many find employment in foreign countries and more than 200 people have applied for passports because they want to go abroad too. Many families have set up businesses here too."

He further said: "Many people go abroad, but how many of them help others in changing their lives too. This is what makes Dipen different."IANS 

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