The Weekend Leader - Iran killing continues to weigh on Twitterati minds

Iran killing continues to weigh on Twitterati minds

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A day after a US drone strike killed a top Iranian military general in Baghdad, US President Donald Trump and Iran continued to weigh on Twitterati's minds on Saturday as well, with many posting memes and funny comments.

#Iran trended with 5.47 million tweets even as news poured in that the British Foreign Office had warned British nationals against all travel to Iraq and all but essential travel to Iran. Earlier, the US Embassy in Iraq had asked all American citizens to leave the country.

One user posted a video clip of Trump from November 2011 in which he expresses fears that then President Barack Obama may attack Iran for an election win again. "In 2011, Trump believed Obama would start a war with Iran to help win an election," said the user before ending it with "now this".

Another user wrote: "Trump says he killed #Soleimani to prevent war. So I guess when Iran takes out a US vessel in the Hormuz it will be to prevent a war. PEACE THROUGH WAR. That is what we are taught."

A Twitter user posted a picture of White House with its periphery marked out with a sketch pen and "unaffiliated" written outside the markings. He commented: "You hear that Iran."

One post read: "Never thought I'd see the day where Sasuke, Iran, Jesus and McDonald's were all trending at once."

A user posted a meme of a man lying on the ground and looking surprised. The post read: "When you are playing dead and the Iran soldiers say 'shoot everyone again'. #WWIII."

One user had a clip in which a teacher calls out a student who says: "I want to be a terrorist." The post read: "Me -- When Iran catches me hiding and asks what side I wanna be on."IANS 

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