AAP wants Tihar inmates to wear traceable band

New Delhi


To avert escapes from Tihar jail, the AAP government wants its inmates to wear RFID-tagged bands that will trace their movements.

"I have asked them that inmates must wear security band in ankles. If they remove it, it will be known. Besides, their movement will also be known," Delhi Home Minister Satyendra Jain said on Tuesday.

"I have also asked PWD (Public Works Department) if the walls of Tihar can be strengthened too," he added.

The escape of two inmates from Tihar last month got Delhi government worried over the prison's security. Jain has asked the authorities in Tihar if Radio-frequency identification system(RFID)-tagged bands could be introduced in the jail.

RFID system uses tags or labels attached to the objects to be identified and can be traced.

Two prisoners on June 27 had escaped from the high security Tihar jail premises but were later nabbed by the Tihar security staff. A jail superintendent was suspended in the case. - IANS