Poll finds people most positive about internal security, women's safety

New Delhi


The IANS-CVoter State of the Nation Poll 2020 has found that 78.4 per cent respondents feel that the internal situation in the country will get better in the coming year.

The rating of internal security getting better is the highest among all the questions and aspects put to the respondents, including economy, unemployment, inflation, relations with Pakistan and others.

The survey covered 1,600 people in 23 states across the country and was held on the last day of the year, to guage citizen optimism over the issue of personal happiness and the overall condition of the country. The findings are that Indians are by and large happy with the way things have shaped up in the year past and things will get better.

While 78.4 of the respondents say the internal security will get better, 11.1 per cent feel that they will be the same and 10.5 per cent feel that the situation will worsen in the coming year.

The internal security situation gets the biggest approval note as the net difference between those who feel that the situation will get better and those who feel that it will worsen is a huge 67.9 per cent on the positive side.

Among the high approval ratings, improvement in the situation of women's safety is second on the list with 68.3 per cent respondents saying that the situation will get better while 16.6 feel it will remain the same and 15.2 per cent feel that it will get worse.

This is followed by a general improvement in outlook for the individuals with 67.5 per cent respondents saying that the situation will get better.IANS