Twitterati joke at Trump's expense as year ends

New Delhi


With the year 2019 about to end, Twitterati had fun at the expense of US President Donald Trump.

#2019in5words trended on Twitter as users tried to sum up the year in five words.

Trump's impeachment in the wake of his controversial call to Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelinsky, wherein he allegedly pressurised Ukraine to announce investigations into his Democratic political rival Joe Biden must have weighed heavy on the Twitterati's mind.

A user wrote: "United States, we deserve better #2019in5words."

Another tweet said: "Ukraine call was not perfect."

On December 27, the US President retweeted but later deleted a post that named an alleged whistleblower whose complaint led to a congressional inquiry leading to the impeachment.

A post alluded to the said tweet: "Outing whistle-blowers is totally Un-American #2019in5words."IANS