The Weekend Leader - Netizens have mixed reactions over Jama Masjid protests

Netizens have mixed reactions over Jama Masjid protests

New Delhi


 As hundreds of people gathered at the historic Jama Masjid here on Friday to protest against the changed Citizenship Act, Twitter users tweeted mixed reactions -- both for and against the protesters.

#Jama Masjid trended with 3,506 tweets and many users appealed to the protesters not to take to violence.

One user posted a picture of children carrying placards at the rally spot and wrote: "The revolution has always been in the hands of the young; the young always inherit the revolution. #JamaMasjid."

Another wrote: "The kind of protests that used to take place in Kashmir earlier.... It is very dangerous when we have such protests in Delhi. All these protests are at the behest of Pakistan government and should be dealt with strictly."

One tweet read: "Most of them won't even know what the CAA is. Either paid to gather or misguided... when will sickulars stop using them for political gains?"

A netizen pleaded: "Please keep the protest peaceful. If you find anyone trying to spread violence, hand him over to police instantly."

"Indians aren't going to be affected by the CAA. Get your facts right," said another user.

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