CAA: Conflict of views between student, professor in Jamia

New Delhi


A sharp confrontation of views emerged between a professor and a student opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Jamia Millia Islamia.

IIT Delhi professor Vipin Tripathi, who reached Jamia to protest against the CAA, said the Act is unconstitutional and against the people of the country. Countering this, Sharjeel, a student of Aligarh Muslim University, said the CAA, before being unconstitutional, was against Muslims.

The AMU student said that CAA is not against the people but against Muslims.

Sharjeel said that the people here have made Pakistan a punching bag. Comparing Pakistan to Vatican City, he said that Muslims are expected to condemn Pakistan but why is a Christian not asked to condemn Vatican City.

Vipin Tripathi, a professor of physics, was opposing the CAA from Jamia's platform.

The professor asked people of all religions and sects to unite and oppose the CAA.

He said that the British fought Hindus and Muslims in India, and people like Jinnah supported the British.

The professor said "now we have to fight unitedly against the CAA but not among ourselves".

He said "the government has police, law and all other means and we have only our unity. In any case we have to maintain unity and non-violence."

Soon after the professor left the stage, Jamia students invited Sharjeel of Aligarh Muslim University to present his views.

Slamming Tripathi, he said: "You give a speech by coming to our platform... listening to people's speech is not our objective." He also denied that the majority section of the society is also contributing in the fight against the CAA.IANS