Pradhan praised for his retort to Pak official's tweet

New Delhi


Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan's terse reply to a Pakistan Armed Forces official won praise from his Twitter fans.

The Pakistan official wrote on his personal Twitter handle on December 25: "Very Merry Christmas to Christians in Pakistan, across the globe and especially the ones in the states of Odisha and alike under the Hindutva-obsessed environment."

Pradhan retweeted it with a terse comment: "So says a man sitting at the epicentre of genocide against religious and ideological minorities."
It got 63 retweets and 204 likes.

One supporter said: "Well said sir. Merry Christmas to you and your family."
Another said: "Beautiful reply."

One user tweeted: "For the remaining few Christians in Pakistan... I doubt any Christmas is merry."

A Twitter user remarked: "Merry Christmas Asia Bibi. In freedom, she spends first Christmas with her daughters after 10 years."

One post read: "They have killed all Christians in their own house and now are worried about those living in the neighbourhood..."

"How these types of jokers are simply enjoying perks of official positions but doing nothing for their own country!!" wondered a user.

"Asif Ghafoor belongs to the factory of terrorism in the world -- Pakistan. After killing Christians in his own country, (he is) wishing the whole world on Christmas!" said a user.IANS