The Weekend Leader - 4-yr-old Indian becomes Santa in Dubai

4-yr-old Indian becomes Santa in Dubai



A Dubai-based four-year-old Indian boy turned Santa Claus this Christmas and distributed food and gifts among the blue-collar workers, a media report said.

Miraan Hotwani and his family organised a get-together at their residence in Mankhool area, where he and his friends in the age group of four to eight years, hosted cleaners, drivers, domestic helps and teaching assistants.

"He had been preparing for this party for quite some time. He had reached out to 14 families in our building, who joined to contribute and pack food and essential items for around 50 workers...," his mother Gauri Meghani told the Khaleej Times.

The children and their families prepared two kinds of gift boxes for men and women. The boxes given out to the male workers comprised razors, dal, rice, noodles, chocolates, cookies, toothpaste, toothbrushes, biryani, juice and biscuits. While the boxes for women contained nail polish, soaps, perfume, pasta, chips, assorted chocolates, mug, noodles and hair clips.

Miraan dressed as Santa, and greeted the workers along with his friends.

"My friends Krisha, Ashi Kabir, Hrutvi, Myra, Baby Miraan and Twisha helped me in throwing this party to the workers and we will keep doing more such parties for them," the boy said.

Apart from this, Miraan also went to his father's office and distributed cookies and chocolates to the staff.IANS 

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