The Weekend Leader - Dolly Bindra joins Twitterati to praise BB13 contestant

Dolly Bindra joins Twitterati to praise BB13 contestant



Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shehnaz Gill was praised by her Twitter fans, including Dolly Bindra, as #BossLadyShehnaaz trended with 56.5K tweets on Wednesday.

Dolly D Bindra, who was a contestant in Bigg Boss 4 in 2010, wrote on @DollyBindra: "Dil nu tu Ajuch gayi soniyeh, Aoa sareh payein giddha vari varsi khatan gaya si bb deh ghar. #ShehnazGill (my heart has taken a liking for you, let's perform giddha..."

It got 401 retweets and 863 likes.

A Dolly Bindra fan tweeted: "Love it when you are part of a trend, #BossLadyShehnaaz."

One fan posted a meme of an angry Shehnaz in an episode of the reality show and caption it: "Me :- when my Swiggy delivery gets delayed."

Another fan praised her: "Her attitude is savage, but her heart is made of Gold!"

"Cuteness overloaded. #BossLadyShehnaaz," wrote one fan.

One post read: "BOSS LADY" while another listed her qualities: Confident. Strong. Loving. Caring. Leader. Helpful on time. Smart and always right!"

"BB13 is all about lots of shades of Sana. #BossLadyShehnaaz," tweeted one user.IANS 

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