By jove! Twitterati joke as Kangaroo cools down in pool



A video clip of a kangaroo cooling himself in a pool went viral on Twitter, with many posting funny comments.

An Australian news channel posted the 17-second clip and wrote: "A beautiful kangaroo has been spotted cooling off in a backyard pool in the New South Wales Hunter region." It credited Sharon Grady for the clip.

It got 93.9K views, 1K retweets and 3.7K likes.

One amused user posted: "Will someone please give it a stubby and a pair of sunglasses! Poor thing!!"

Another user posted: "Oh, that's gorgeous... hope he cools down from the #fires."

One user remarked: "A survivor... probably not for long."One post read: "Who's the boss?"

A Twitter user said: "Now, that's one cool kangaroo!"

One funny remark read: "Gorgeous. He has no top on, so looking a little embarrassed."

One tweet read: "Huge muscles.... Wouldn't like to try and get him out.... Stay as long as you want mate...."

"Get him a pina colada. He's earned it," read one tweet.IANS