The Weekend Leader - Mamata's CAA clip goes viral, Twitterati amused

Mamata's CAA clip goes viral, Twitterati amused



A video clipping of Trinamool Congress supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee chanting a slogan to protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act at a public rally has gone viral, leaving Twitter users amused.

One user posted the 12-second clip in which Banerjee says "Caa Caa Chhi Chhi" and the audience repeats it after her. The user wrote: "I'm just leaving this here, in case anyone needs to laugh uncontrollably. #CaaCaaChhiChhi" It got 163.9K views, 1.5K retweets and 4.2K likes.

The user pointed out that it took her a second to realise that the "kaa kaa" in fact referred to "CAA".

In reply, one user pointed out: "I was there in this protest and had so much fun in joining her in 'Chhi Chhi!'"

Another user wrote: "For a moment I thought she is speaking Bengali. This is the universal Indian language."

Another post read: "I have tears in my eyes and my sides are splitting."

Came in yet another comment: "Caa Caa Chee Chee should be U/A approved slogan against NRC/ CAA. All children, all people, all ages. No Parental Guidance required."

One user wrote: "Never supported the TMC but Didi is really in her elements in these protests... can't think of anyone else who can do this sort of stuff."

Many users trolled her for such a protest. One user tweeted: "It's not surprising that we don't have any opposition to our respected Prime Minister in the foreseeable future. These Chi Chi slogans prove it. God help them."

"Really a great shame to Chief Minister's chair. What's she doing?... Oh God, What a great joke," commented a user.IANS