Govt needs to reach out to people with correct info on CAA

New Delhi


Over 54 per cent of people in the country feel that the the government failed on the information front over recently-passed Citizenship Amendment Act, which has led to widespread violence all over the country, according to a IANS-CVoter Survey.

The snap poll was carried out on over 3,000 citizens across the country between December 17 to 19 with booster sample of over 500 people each in Assam, the northeast and Muslim community collected during the same period.

According to the survey, 54.7 percent of people all over the country felt that the government did not live up to the responsibility of giving complete and accurate information to the public about the CAA.

This was the opinion of 48.1 per cent Hindus, 79 per cent Muslims, 81.3 per cent of others, 71.5 per cent of people in Assam and 65.7 per cent from the entire northeastern India.

However, 43.1 per cent people from all over India felt that the government was successful in giving proper information. These comprised 49.4 per cent Hindus, 19.1 per cent Muslims, 18.7 per cent from other religions, 25.3 per cent of people in Assam and 30.9 per cent from all over the northeast.

Meanwhile, 2.1 percent of people all over India said they could not comment or did not know about the issue.IANS