The Weekend Leader - Commuters gripe over Gurugram traffic gridlock

Commuters gripe over Gurugram traffic gridlock



 In the wake of massive traffic snarls on the Delhi-Gurugram expressway and elsewhere in the Delhi-NCR on Thursday, Twitter users posted clippings and pictures of the traffic gridlock and expressed their displeasure.

The massive jam resulted after Delhi Police early on Thursday barricaded one of the roads used for entry from Gurugram to the national capital in the wake of inputs about a group of people from Mewat moving towards old Delhi to support protesting students of Jamia Millia Islamia.

One commuter posted: "Traffic entering Delhi from Gurugram stopped/checked by police, causing huge traffic jams across Gurugram. People missing work, appointments, and flights. Ambulances stuck. Why would you stop traffic on highways? #NotDone #Gurugram."

One Twitter user posted a clipping of the huge jam and wrote: "See the queues. Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Di...."

One user tagged @gurgaonpolice along with the picture of the snarls and wrote: "Please avoid DLF Phase 1 road leading to the MG road. Situation now, everyone stuck."

"This government is full of idiots! Huge jam at Delhi-Gurgaon border," one user griped.

One user posted: "This is not for any reason... I think so...#CAA_NRC #Gurugram."

Another user commented: "This is the state of affairs at the entry to Cyber City Gurugram. God knows what will happen when two new buildings coming up at its entrance are opened."

One fan posted a picture of the massive jam and wrote: "Scary Gurugram. Be safe, avoid travelling unless it's really important!"ians 

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